ACEP, Arctic Lab Partnerships, Arctic Energy Office … the ‘A’s’ have it!

ACEP, Arctic Lab Partnerships, Arctic Energy Office … the ‘A’s’ have it!

On Sept. 29, ACEP joined colleagues from across the University of Alaska and U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories to review findings from a virtual workshop coordinated by the Arctic Lab Partnerships consortium. The workshop focused on identifying actionable pathways for collaborative multi-organization research and development efforts that address important and compelling Arctic challenges.

Over a period of eight weeks, researchers met in work groups focused on energy, science and security. Concept papers were drafted articulating their perspectives regarding challenges and opportunities warranting a combined effort between university, DOE and other entities. The Sept. 29 meeting offered four cross-cutting themes that emerged from these efforts:

• Arctic energy in transition

• Necessity of systems approach

• Persistent and timely domain awareness

• Tracking and predicting disruptive and abrupt transitions

The meeting also provided summaries of the 12 concept papers that were developed. Several areas were highlighted as opportunities for attention by the newly re-established Arctic Energy Office. ACEP Director Gwen Holdmann represented UAF Vice Chancellor for Research Nettie Labelle-Hamer in the meeting, and ACEP-affiliated Research Professor George Roe moderated the meeting.

A copy of the presentation materials and a recording of the meeting are available via an open-access Google folder hosted by UAF, and minutes will be posted there soon.

ALP’s personnel will be processing feedback from the meeting participants in the weeks ahead. Holdmann has been asked by Labelle-Hamer to function as a liaison for UAF with DOE, and will be joining the ALP leadership team. During the meeting, it was announced that Roe will be on loan to DOE, transitioning from his ACEP and ALP roles to take on interim director responsibilities for the AEO.