Memory Monday - An ACEP Musical Performance

Memory Monday - An ACEP Musical Performance

During a virtual morning meeting last week, our ACEP team reminisced about times when we were all together.

One of our most fun memories was on May 4, 2017, during a Star Wars-themed bake sale and talent show held by the Institute of Northern Engineering.

As our talent, ACEP members performed Jabba Flow while dressed as Star Wars characters. The song, sung in the Hutt native language of Huttese, was performed by Alana Vilagi and Nathan Green with various ACEP back-up vocals and instruments.

The performance was repeated for a sizable donation, and it was ended with an even larger donation!

All proceeds from the bake sale and talent show went toward the 2017 American Heart Association's Heart Walk.

Baked goodies, such as a Death Star watermelon, Wookiee cookies, Ewok lemon bars and womp rat cakes, were some of the treats on sale.

We look forward to the days when we can have this much fun again.


ACEP employees and, at right, Bill Schnabel, dean of the College of Engineering and Mines, perform Jabba Flow. Photo and video by Marcia Cassino.