ACEP Welcomes Back Nathan Green

ACEP Welcomes Back Nathan Green

ACEP is excited to welcome Nathan Green back to the team.

Green worked with ACEP on a number of projects while working on his master’s degree in electrical engineering. As a part of his thesis, he developed an energy balance model using the Matlab program to simulate small geothermal microgrids at the Pilgrim Hot Springs site on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula and in Iceland. In a separate project, Green looked at diesel generator costs for small Alaska power plants, which led to the publication of “An Alaska case study: Diesel generator technologies,” in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Since graduating from UAF, Green has been working for Areté, a federal contractor in Northridge, California, that focuses on signal and information processing, modeling and simulation. There, he primarily developed algorithms to analyze data from remote sensor devices, such as sonar.

On May 25, Green will begin working with ACEP once again. His upcoming duties will be split between acting as ACEP's representative to its partners in the state’s Southeast, as well as research work involving Sandia National Laboratory's Microgrid Design Toolkit software.


Nathan Green will return to ACEP. Photo by JR Ancheta.