Research Collaboration Provides Excellent Internship Opportunity

Research Collaboration Provides Excellent Internship Opportunity

ACEP is working on a project at Eielson Air Force Base: The Eielson Energy Resilience project — a Department of Defense-funded project in partnership with the Eaton Corporation.

Kim Swedberg is an electrical engineering student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a concentration in computer engineering. She is part of a larger data collection and analysis student cohort who are collectively learning to use a variety of data management tools and platforms to solve processing, reporting and analysis of energy-related datasets.

Eaton is installing an energy metering system at Eielson to improve monitoring of the base microgrid and interconnection to the local utility.

This research partnership provides a perfect alliance for a great internship.

Eaton, the project lead, is using the energy metering system to develop a data collection and management platform to extract and organize data from the Networked Metering System. The goal is to provide project researchers access to historical and high-resolution energy data that can improve understanding and characterization of transient energy incidents which trigger unexpected islanding events.

As part of this team, Swedberg will familiarize herself with data streaming tools like Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana, while also becoming familiar with using a Linux command terminal, and time-series databases and protocols. She will be using these data collection and analysis skills to support Eaton's effort to help the team develop the tools needed to extract, organize and share the project data.

Swedberg is mentored by ACEP’s principal investigator for this project, Dayne Broderson. Funding support for this summer internship comes from the Eaton Corporate Research and Technology program.


Kim Swedberg is an ACEP intern this summer.  Photo courtesy of Kim Swedberg.