Holdmann Testifies on Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Holdmann Testifies on Advanced Nuclear Reactors

ACEP Director Gwen Holdmann is testifying this week before the Community and Regional Affairs Committee in Juneau on advanced nuclear microreactors.

The hearing presentation on Senate Bill 194, sponsored by state Sen. Click Bishop, will include representatives from Idaho National Labs and the Nuclear Energy Institute and aligns with U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s efforts at the national level.
Advanced nuclear microreactors are proposed to be small enough to transport easily and run for 10 or more years without refueling. They could power remote communities or industrial loads in the future.

SB 194 would change Alaska statutes affecting nuclear energy and ensure decision-making for any potential future deployment is held by state environmental agencies and local communities.

For more information on the testimony or advanced nuclear reactors, please contact Gwen Holdmann at gwen.holdmann@alaska.edu.


A futuristic advanced nuclear installation. Image courtesy of Idaho National Lab.