Making Connections at IPS Workshop

Making Connections at IPS Workshop

The 2019 Isolated Power System Connect workshop, held in Hobart, Tasmania, provided a unique opportunity for industry, academia and international experts working in the field of remote area power supply and isolated power systems. They shared ideas, presented results, reflected on past experiences and discussed future projects.

ACEP’s Gwen Holdmann and George Roe joined colleagues from Alaska, Australia, Hawaii, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia for an intense sequence of presentations, skills development, site visits and networking sessions. They focused on the design and operation of microgrid energy systems that integrate renewable and fossil fuel resources.

Holdmann presented an overview of Alaska’s energy systems and the Alaska context, including examples from current efforts focusing on right-sizing storage, novel techniques for integrating wind energy and workforce development. Roe was one of the case study leaders in the professional development session preceding the workshop, with Kotzebue as the focus area.

Their contribution was part of the Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation & Commercialization program – a high impact, trans-regional partnership and innovation program funded by the Office of Naval Research to build local capacity and support a thriving economy through resiliency research, technology development / deployment, and education centered on expertise in energy and key interconnected areas (water, food, manufacturing, transportation). Several opportunities for future collaboration are already under discussion. Given the strong intersection of shared northern-southern hemisphere interests in affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions, the next IPS Connect workshop will be in Cordova, Alaska!

Save the date — July 27-31, 2020 — and watch for more details in late January.

Copies of the presentations and other meeting data will be available soon at the IPS Connect website. Contact Holdmann or Roe for more information.


Gwen Holdmann and Graeme Vertigan discuss different approaches for  transmission/distribution line emulators being implemented by the University of Tasmania and  ACEP in their respective grid laboratories. Photo by George Roe.