UA Advocacy is Crucial

UA Advocacy is Crucial

People want to know how they can help the university during this budget crisis. The single most important thing you can do is contact your legislators and urge them to vote to override the governor’s budget veto. Regardless of what district you live in, they need to hear from you now that a cut of this size will devastate the university.

Some things to keep in mind:

• Be civil and courteous.
• Tell your own story of how the university helps (or the cuts would hurt) your activities as a student, teacher, researcher, public outreach agent, etc.
• The university budget cut affects all of the University of Alaska, not just UAF.

Use your personal email and do not use university resources on university time.

Each staff and faculty member and each student makes a difference in the lives of Alaskans every day. You can make a difference in this, too, but time is short. You can do your part to tell your story and help keep the university strong for the future!

You’ll find information about how to contact your legislators and other advocacy information here.