From Biomass to Lettuce Webinar Available Online

From Biomass to Lettuce Webinar Available Online

Did you miss the “From Biomass to Lettuce” webinar with Karen Petersen? Have no fear, you can now watch and listen to the webinar via the recording made during the live webinar.

To watch the recorded webinar, click here. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Petersen or Amanda Byrd.

Join us for all the upcoming webinars! Click on the links below to register.

• July 11 — "Wind Energy in the Arctic," Matt Bergan (Kotzebue Electric Association)
• July 25 — "Multi-community Energy Perspectives," Meera Kohler (Alaska Village Electric Cooperative)
• Aug. 22 — "Policy and Energy," Chris Rose (Renewable Energy Alaska Project)
• Sept. 26 — "Geothermal Energy for Power and Heat," Gwen Holdmann (Alaska Center for Energy and Power)


Screenshot taken from the ‘From Biomass to Lettuce’ webinar.