Alaska -Yukon Wood Energy Conference Starts Next Week!

Alaska -Yukon Wood Energy Conference Starts Next Week!

Registratiuon is still open for the 2019 Alaska-Yukon Wood Energy Conference in Fairbanks Alaska!

The conference will feature presentations and case studies from Alaska and Canada's Yukon, focusing on issues facing the rural North. Conference delegates are attending from all parts of North America's Arctic. Delegates include several First Nation, Yukon and Northwest Territories leaders.

Conference topics include biomass-heated greenhouses, fire mitigation for biomass and problem-solving on biomass boiler installations. For more information and to register, visit

Optional post-conference events include a field trip to Tok, Alaska, looking at installed biomass systems on the road system. Also, John Seigenthaler will lead a workshop on hydronic systems. Additional fees apply for these two events. All of this information and more can be found at


Tok School biomass boiler operator Rion Sabin opens the door of 5.5 MMBTU woodchip boiler. Photo by Amanda Byrd.