ARCTIC Program Reviewed by ONR Team

ARCTIC Program Reviewed by ONR Team

ACEP recently hosted an Office of Naval Research team to review the current Alaska Hub for Energy Innovation and Deployment research and the future phase 2 efforts — a multiyear project called the Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation and Commercialization.

The program review allowed researchers from ACEP, UAF’s Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization, and UAA’s Business Enterprise Institute to provide a high-level summary of their current successes under the current AHEID program and future ARCTIC program research plans.

These research plans are designed to promote commerce and partnerships between Alaska and the Arctic and Pacific regions. The goal is to advance energy options through resiliency research, technology development/deployment and education.

The ONR review team, consisting of Michele Anderson, Michael Resner and Steve Glotzhober, was treated to two full days of presentations, dinner with the ACEP team at director Gwen Holdmann’s house, a dog mushing adventure and a visit to Chena Hot Springs.

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ONR review team Steve Glotzhober, Michele Anderson, and Michael Resner are pictured with Gwen Holdmann, Dayne Broderson, and OIPC’s Mark Billingsley. Photo by Amanda Byrd.