Alaskans Share Perspectives on Nuclear Microreactor Technology

Alaskans Share Perspectives on Nuclear Microreactor Technology

Over 60 stakeholders from across Alaska met in Anchorage on April 18 to learn more about a possible future technology for combined heat and power — nuclear microreactors — and to share their thoughts regarding its possible application in Alaska.

Multiple companies are exploring commercial development of these devices. They envision system sizes that could be compatible with heat and power requirements for a range of Alaska settings. Depending on the technology source, these could be as small as several hundred kilowatts in their combined energy output but are more commonly being planned for 2+ megawatt capacity.

During the information session, senior nuclear experts from Idaho National Laboratory provided an overview of the technology and discussed the overall roadmap for its development, evaluation, certification and deployment. Alaska participants asked questions and brainstormed about energy and integration attributes associated with different deployment scenarios.

Highlights from the meeting will help to shape the content of an industry session coordinated by Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear and the Electric Power Research Institute on June 18 in Idaho Falls. The organizers have indicated they would welcome participation by Alaska at the meeting.

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Marvin Yoder presents on the Galena experience at the meeting. Photo by Caroline Humphreys.