ACEP to Strategically Reposition Under Vice Chancellor for Research Office

ACEP to Strategically Reposition Under Vice Chancellor for Research Office

ACEP is pleased to announce that UAF Chancellor Dan White has recommended repositioning ACEP from its current administrative home, the Institute of Northern Engineering, to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

ACEP will no longer be an administrative component of the UAF College of Engineering and Mines and the Institute of Northern Engineering. It will, of course, still be an integral component of UAF’s research enterprise under the vice chancellor.

The transition has been under consideration for quite some time by CEM Dean Bill Schnabel, ACEP Director Gwen Holdmann, UAF Provost Anupma Prakash and Vice Chancellor for Research Larry Hinzman. All agree that now is a strategically good time to make this move.

We expect the transition will help promote ACEP’s continued growth and broaden our reach across campus. The move will also provide CEM and INE an opportunity to refocus their energies on other promising growth areas, so we all consider this to be a win-win.

The transition is scheduled to take place July 1, concurrent with the new fiscal year. This will not impact the day-to-day operations of ACEP. We will work with INE under a shared services model to provide continuity in services, such as proposal writing, human resources, etc.

ACEP will maintain its physical location on the fourth floor of the Engineering, Learning and Innovation Facility. It will continue to be a close collaborative partner with CEM and INE. There is a lot to gain by working together.


 The ACEP team stands in the atrium of the ELIF 4th floor.  UAF photo by JR Ancheta.