Utility Intern Helps AVEC Communities Move to Digital Maintenance Logs

Utility Intern Helps AVEC Communities Move to Digital Maintenance Logs

Remote Alaska powerhouses vary in their age and level of sophistication. One thing that does not vary is the need to keep and share powerhouse maintenance logs. Anchorage startup 60Hertz has developed a mobile application for keeping and sharing those logs. Alaska Village Electric Cooperative is starting to incorporate the mobile app in its powerhouses to give the utility access to real-time data and help troubleshoot the diesel engines when issues arise.

University of Alaska Anchorage mechanical engineering graduate Chong Her is working as a utility intern with AVEC and 60Hertz for the summer, assisting with the integration of the mobile app and device management software and helping make use of the data management app a fun, engaging and useful tool.

Ten utilities across Alaska are participating in ACEP’s utility student internship program, funded by the Office of Naval Research. Receiving real-life training is a key goal. Interns are matched with Alaska utilities as a way to teach the next generation and to use the skills the interns have gained over their student careers.

For more information on this program, please contact Heike Merkel at hmerkel@alaska.edu.


Chong Her is a summer intern with 60Hertz working on a fun mobile app to integrate with Alaska utility powerhouses. Photo by Amanda Byrd.