Engineers Share Their Research Topics

Engineers Share Their Research Topics

Last week, Anchorage-based ACEP engineers Bailey Gamble and Michelle Wilber presented on their projects for the Fairbanks team.

Gamble is a joint energy engineer for ACEP and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. Wilber is an ACEP research engineer.

They met with ACEP researchers for discussions on joint projects, including updating technical reviews of various renewable energy technologies, remote powerhouse and solar radiation data collection and instrumentation, and ongoing community projects.

They also met with project leaders at ACEP and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks to discuss collaborative opportunities, including an active cooling project. This joint effort, involving contributions from the three organizations and led by ANTHC, is driven by a desperate need to protect the foundations of buildings on permafrost that is thawing even faster than originally expected.


Bailey Gamble, right, and Michelle Wilber, center, meet with Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy program coordinator Carolyn Loeffler during their visit to Fairbanks last week. Photo by Amanda Byrd.