ACEP Intern Awarded NASA Scholarship

ACEP Intern Awarded NASA Scholarship

ACEP intern Dan Manley was recently awarded a scholarship from the Alaska Space Grant Program.

The Alaska Space Grant Program offers scholarships to students who are interested in a career in science, technology, engineering and math, particularly a National Aeronautics and Space Administration-related STEM career.

For the application, Manley wrote an essay detailing his future career plans, and how they relate to NASA, the STEM community and Alaska.

Manley wrote about his desire to work at one of NASA's research centers, and how he has been in contact with one of the branch chiefs at the Glenn Research Center.

Malney is working on the fuel meter and bifacial solar panel projects as part of his internship with ACEP.


ACEP intern Dan Manley was awarded a NASA-funded scholarship. Photo by Amanda Byrd/ACEP.