ACEP Director Invited to Speak at Aspen Institute

ACEP Director Invited to Speak at Aspen Institute

ACEP Director Gwen Holdmann has been invited to speak at the Aspen Institute's Congressional Program conference on “Energy Policy Challenges for a Secure North America” to be held Aug. 15-19 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Aspen Institute is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 1950 that provides a nonpartisan forum for leaders to discuss critical issues. The congressional program is designed to promote leadership in the U.S. Congress by engaging legislators with prominent scholars, analysts and political leaders in high-level roundtable discussions.

Holdmann will co-lead the roundtable session with UAF Professor Emeritus Terry Chapin on the topic “The Northen Belt and the Arctic and Climate Change.”

The conference will be attended by 17 members of Congress and leading scholars from the U.S. and the region.

Holdmann will offer input about how the innovative approaches and lessons learned from Alaska could help inform policies and strategies for transforming the continental electric grid and decarbonizing the global energy supply.

To prepare members of Congress for the conference, invited speakers provided essays on their specialties. Review Holdmann’s essay here.

ACEP director, Gwen Holdmann. Photo by JR Ancheta/UAF.