Clean Energy Institute Director Energized UAF Researchers

Clean Energy Institute Director Energized UAF Researchers

ACEP hosted Daniel Schwartz, director of the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington, during his Jan. 22-23 visit to UAF.

Schwartz met with ACEP program managers and toured the Power Systems Integration Laboratory to explore possible interactions between CEI and ACEP, focusing on renewable energy resources, energy systems integration and microgrid system modeling.

In meetings with UAF entrepreneurs and Fairbanks North Star Borough representatives, Schwartz presented insights into research commercialization and marketplace megatrends gained from experience at UW and in Washington state.

Two summer research programs hosted by UW, “Clean Energy Bridge to Research” and “Molecular Engineering Materials Center,” offer opportunities for UA undergraduate students. The programs offer stipends, housing and travel. Students can work in physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, or electrical engineering labs. Applications are due by Feb. 16. Community college or high school teachers can also gain research experience at UW.

Photo: Dan Schwartz presents on his commercialization experience at UW. Photo by Amanda Byrd/ACEP.