Island Energy — North, South, East and West!

Island Energy — North, South, East and West!

The recent Island Energy Conference was attended by Alaska organizations ACEP, Alaska Energy Authority, Alaska Housing Finance Corp. and Renewable Energy Alaska Project.

Hosted on May 4 in Portland, Maine, by the Island Institute, the forum discussed energy challenges faced by island communities and the experience gained in addressing them. In addition to the Alaska contingent, attendees came from locations in New England, Canada, the Caribbean and northern Europe.

Before the conference, some attendees also participated in the Bridging the Rural Efficiency Gap workshop, where they discussed constraints on widespread implementation of energy conservation, weatherization and energy efficiency.

Thermal, as well as electrical, energy figured significantly in both meetings. ACEP’s George Roe shared highlights from the 2017 Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy program as an example of capacity building and peer-to-peer learning between community leaders in remote areas.

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