ANEEE meeting in Anchorage

ANEEE meeting in Anchorage

ACEP’s George Roe and Heike Merkel attended the Alaska Network for Energy Education and Employment workshop on May 8 in Anchorage. The event provided guidance and resources for the development of a full-spectrum integrated energy education roadmap for Alaska.

The overarching purpose of the workshop was to provide an informal inventory of current energy education efforts in Alaska.

Attendees include representatives from federal and state agencies, the University of Alaska, Alaska Pacific University, school districts, educational agencies, and labor unions.

The workshop conversations centered on natural and human resources and the needs, curricula and outreach/communications efforts of the entities present at the meeting, as well as delivery and strategic partnerships between those entities. The information gathered at the meeting will help ACEP move forward with its workforce development efforts in the local and rural Alaska energy arena.

The workshop was sponsored by the Renewable Energy Alaska Project.