Working Group Attracts Wind Energy Stakeholders

Working Group Attracts Wind Energy Stakeholders

ACEP research engineer Jeremy Vandermeer recently attended the Wind Energy Working Group meeting in Kodiak.

The meeting brought together wind energy stakeholders from across Alaska. During the meeting, Kodiak Electric Association shared how it upgraded its electric grid with wind power and battery and flywheel energy storage.

The energy upgrades have allowed KEA to reduce the cost of electricity to its members. The ability to generate over 99 percent of its electricity from hydropower and wind keeps costs consistent and predictable.

Since Kodiak’s electricity costs are no longer tied to diesel prices, the utility’s primary expense is repayment of the loan that paid for the wind and hydropower investments. This makes the cost of electricity very predictable and is a big benefit to local industry, such as the seafood processing plants.

Vandermeer presented on ACEP’s project developing grid models to size energy storage systems for microgrids.

Photo: Kodiak Electric Association’s wind farm. Photo by ACEP Staff.