New Initiative Develops Economic Renewable Energy Smart Grid

New Initiative Develops Economic Renewable Energy Smart Grid

ACEP Director, Gwen Holdmann, recently met with Standford Precourt Institute for Energy Director, Dr. Arun Majumdar, about future research, training, and internship collaboration with ACEP, including possibly linking ACEP with a new energy initiative.

 Bits and Watts is a new intiative launched by a partnership between Stanford University and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) that aims to design a 21st century electric grid that better accommodates renewable energy sources.

 Bitts and Watts aims to holistically incorporate new sources of clean energy into the current electric grids — an interconnected network used for distributing and delivering electricity to consumers, according to a prewss release on Standford Daily.

 Bits and Watts plans to develop “smart” technologies for economic, efficient, and secure national energy distribution, as well as new models for navigating the financial incentives behind clean energy.

Bits and Watts Image from the Stanford University website.