Oceana Turbine Testing Continued in the PSI Lab

Oceana Turbine Testing Continued in the PSI Lab

The second round of testing for Oceana Energy Co.’s in-river hydrokinetic turbine was conducted during three days last week in ACEP’s Power Systems Integration Laboratory

The hydrokinetic turbine was tested under two isolated grid conditions. The first test integrated the turbine system into an isolated grid created and managed by a 320-kilowatt diesel generator. Under the second configuration, the turbine and an inverter created and maintained the isolated grid without additional energy support.

 During testing, Oceana Energy’s Kent Davey, chief electromechanical engineer, collected data on real power, reactive power, voltage, current, turbine speed and torque, and power factor.

 The third and final round of testing will be conducted in January 2018. The project is supported by the Alaska Energy Authority.

Photo: The Oceana in-river hydrokinetic turbine is tested in the PSI Lab. Photo by Heike Merkel/ACEP.