ACEP engineer travels to Greenland

ACEP engineer travels to Greenland

ACEP research engineer Jeremy Vandermeer received funding from North2North to visit the Arctic Technology Center (ARTEK) in Sisimiut, Greenland.

ARTEK is located on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark.

During his visit, Jeremy will also be meeting with the main utility in Greenland known as Nukissiorfiit.

Greenland has many similarities to Alaska including its power production. Most small communities are powered by diesel. Greenland produces 63% of its electricity from renewables such as hydro, but despite this, the high cost of non-renewable generated electricity hurts local industry including fishing. To alleviate this economic pressure, Greenland has set an ambitious goal of producing 90% of all electricity from renewable energy by 2030, including possibly adding wind power to their renewable portfolio.

The goal of this visit is to share experiences and methods of implementing high penetrations of renewable energy into Greenland’s grids. Current areas of research will be compared and Jeremy will explore areas that Greenland and Alaska can collaborate.

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Photo by Todd Paris/UAF