Vierailulla Suomessa

Vierailulla Suomessa

This week and next ACEP Director Gwen Holdmann will be in Finland pursuing objectives related to the ARENA project as well as her Fulbright work.  Finland is an ARENA project partner and Gwen’s visit to the region will be aimed at solidifying that relationship.

ARENA is an international collaboration sponsored by the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group, and is the acronym for “Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy.” ARENA will address affordable, reliable, renewable energy solutions needed by the 700+ Arctic communities that are not grid connected by facilitating training programs and developing a network of collaborators with the skills needed for successful project planning and execution leading to the integration of clean energy technologies and improved management of fossil fuel based generating assets.

Information on the ARENA program, view our past news piece on the project.

Information on Gwen Holdmann’s Fulbright work:

Image: National flag of Finland.  Image credit