2016 Island Sustainability Conference

2016 Island Sustainability Conference

April 11-15, 2016
Lotte Resort, Guam

This year, the University of Alaska Fairbanks joins the University of Guam
Center for Island Sustainability as a co-host of the 2016 Island
Sustainability Conference as the topics pertinent to soft borders and remote regions are explored. Both institutions are dedicated to supporting dispersed and disconnected “islands” within their regions and are committed to emergent research and awareness of sustainable practice and lifeways toward human survival.

As part of the pre-conference events UAF will be hosting two half day workshops. One titled Energy 101, will be led by ACEP. The other titled Climate Change 101 will be led by Scenarios Network for Arctic Planning (SNAP).

Register for the Conference or learn more:  http://bit.ly/1PAcx6P or http://bit.ly/1Qhm7yQ

Logo credit 2016 Island Sustainability Conference.