UAF Showcase Organized by ACEP a Success

UAF Showcase Organized by ACEP a Success

On Sunday, September 27th ACEP hosted “Discover the Energy of the Arctic and its People” at the Blue Loon.  The event took place with a full house in attendance.  There were almost 300 individuals present both from the Arctic Energy Summit and local community members who weren’t attending the summit.  Each presentation was engaging and informative and the venue was well suited for the evening.

ACEP would like to thank all of the people that made the Showcase possible.

Venue - The Blue Loon and its Staff

Videography - Jeff Fay, UAF Cooperative Extension Service

Sponsorship - Institute of Northern Engineering

Audio – Alaska Universal Productions

Speaker Coach - Tiffany Cooper

Dr. Richard Wies presents on his work at the end of the event.  Photo credit M. Frey, ACEP/UAF.