Energy Hog School Assemblies

Energy Hog School Assemblies

The first and second week of December are going to be busy for ACEP team members Amanda Byrd and Max Frey. They will be joining David P. Pelunis-Messier (Tanana Chiefs Conference) and Kalee Meurlott (GreenStar) in a series of school assemblies in which they will be promoting energy efficiency to grades K-12 as part of the Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP) Competition.

The focus of the school visits will be teaching the children and young adults about the benefits of saving electricity while utilizing the Energy Hog program.  Another emphasis on the visits will be signing students’ families up to an online software called WattzOn, which will help users save electricity by providing energy saving tips and by helping them more accurately track their usage.  More information on WattzOn will be available in the coming weeks.

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Image:  Image of the Energy Hog.  The main character of the Energy Hog program, the Hog is meant to be viewed as the antihero that kids and young adults try to defeat by living an energy efficient lifestyle.  Image credit Alliance to Save Energy.