ACEP Welcomes New Researchers to the Team

ACEP has been privileged to add a few new members to its team in recent weeks.

Baxter (Bax) Bond

11 1 2015 ACEP Welcomes Baxter

Hailing from Tununak (Southwest Alaska), Bax is currently undertaking his fourth year of mechanical engineering and his third year in Yup’ik language studies at UAF.  He knowledgeable in several computer languages and he is joining ACEP to help continue the work on several projects formerly lead by another ACEP researcher who recently retired.

Photo Credit Baxter Bond.

Kirsten Williams

11 1 2015 ACEP Welcomes Kirsten

Kirsten joined ACEP to aid in the development of several briefing papers to support the Alaska Affordable Energy Strategy (AkAES) project funded by the Alaska Energy Authority.  She will also be participating in roundtable meetings with industry representatives to solicit input from them that can be incorporated into the briefing documents she is responsible for writing.  Kirsten is in her senior year at UAF pursuing a Natural Resources Management degree.  The work she is undertaking is part of her senior project, which is something many interns are able to pursue when they are employed by ACEP.

Photo Credit Kirsten Williams.