Automation and Power World 2015 and Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference

Automation and Power World 2015 and Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference

ACEP researchers Marc Mueller-Stoffels and David Light will be attending the Automation and Power World 2015 conference in Houston, Texas, and the Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference in Anchorage.

The Automation and Power World conference will take place from March 2nd to 5th.  Marc will be giving a presentation about Alaska’s islanded hybrid-microgrids and the Power Systems Integration program that he leads.  Specifically, ACEP operates a 500 kW Power Systems Integration Laboratory that can be operated in a way that emulates the islanded hybrid-diesel microgrids found throughout the remote regions of Alaska and around the world. Recently, ACEP acquired a 313 kVA ABB power conversion system (PCS) to investigate the integration of various energy storage devices into these hybrid-diesel grids. Marc’s presentation in Houston will  examine the general laboratory design, its flexibility and numerous capabilities, the integration of the PCS with a flywheel and with valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, and a review of the performance testing of these systems and how that is accomplished at a “real-world” scale.

The Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference will take place closer to home in Anchorage, Alaska from March 4th to 6th.  Participants from throughout Alaska will be attending, as will participants from the lower 48 states and a few from other countries as well.  This conference  provides utility operators, vendors, and researchers an opportunity to network and learn more about wind systems in islanded grid environments through training sessions and expert panel discussions.  Marc will be moderating a panel discussion about “Demand Management” and he will also be making a presentation regarding technical issues associated with integrating a large percentage of wind into a wind-diesel microgrid.

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Photo of ACEP’s ABB inverter in the Energy Technology Laboratory.  Photo courtesy T. Paris, UAF.