ACEP says Good Bye… for Now

ACEP says Good Bye… for Now

ACEP is privilaged to have so many bright, skilled, professionals working for it as a UAF organization.  We are frequently bringing new people on board and saying good bye to others as they are so highly valued and saught after by other organizations.

Recently ACEP has been forced to say good bye to three members of its team.  Antony Scott, Haley McIntyre, and Hendrik Schaede are all leaving to apply their talents in other areas.

While Antony and Haley will be leaving us to work for the State of Alaska, they will both be working for ACEP part time into the near future as they finish projects and hand over responsibillities.  Hendrik, on the other hand, will be returning to his home country of Germany to pursue opportunities in energy storage.

The whole ACEP team would like to thank these three individuals for working with us over the years.  We’re sad to see them leave but we’re happy that they all plan to continue to pursue their interestes in energy related issues.

Photo: From left to right: Antony Scott, Haley McIntyre, and Hendrik Schaede.  Photo credit G. Holdmann, T. Paris, and M. Frey ACEP/UAF.