2014 Alaska Rural Energy Conference a Success

2014 Alaska Rural Energy Conference a Success

The 2014 Alaska Rural Energy Conference took place this last week in Fairbanks, Alaska on September 23rd – 25th.

Held at the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel & Conference Center, attendees were able to attend a myriad of sessions over the three day Conference ranging in topics from diesel power house operation and management to energy efficiency issues faced by Alaskans living in rural environments.  As part of the Conference, attendees were also able to attend tours that took them to locations around Fairbanks that have a particular focus on energy such as Fairbanks Natural Gas and ACEP’s Energy Technology Facility.

Speakers from rural Alaska, local politicians, researchers, and regulatory personal (to name a few) were all on hand to speak and take part in the event.  Members of the United States Department of Energy and the Alaska Energy Authority discussed their outreach efforts to rural Alaska and also updated attendees on some of the major energy projects on the horizon for the state.

Presentations given at the event and recorded sessions will be available for download soon at the Rural Energy Conference website and at its YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgyVGFpksoZbVFFN_unKGw.

Photo: Attendees of the 2014 Alaska Rural Energy Conference listen intently at one of several Conference sessions.  Photo courtesy L. Walls, ACEP/UAF.