Researcher Travels to Canada to Attend ICOE Conference

Researcher Travels to Canada to Attend ICOE Conference

International Conference on Ocean Energy
November 4-6, 2014
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jeremy Kasper will be in Canada this week to attend the 2014 International Conference on Ocean Energy.

The ICOE aims to be a global venue for the exchange of information and is meant to help build relationships in order to grow the world-wide marine renewable energy industry.  The goal of the conference and exhibition is to advance industry development by sharing recent experiences from development, demonstration and technology transfer efforts around the world. 

Representing AHERC and ACEP, Jeremy will be attending as a hydrokinetic expert with real, hands on experience gained from his work at AHERC’s Tanana River Test Site, which is quickly becoming well known in the hydrokinetic industry as the only permitted in-river test site in the world.

Logo courtesy of ICOE 2014.