AHERC at Work: Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site Update

AHERC at Work:  Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site Update

Project Description:

AHERC’s Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site just outside of Nenana, Alaska, is playing host to a dramatic build out in the summer season of 2014.  The site is being upgraded with office facilities in the form of ATCO trailer units, power has been run to the location and a pontoon barge will be onsite to give hydrokinetic devices a platform on which to be tested in the river.  This effort is all taking place to support a busy testing season which will feature AHERC’s prototype debris diversion system and a hydrokinetic device owned by Oceana Energy Company being deployed into the Tanana River.

Project Update:

On June 23rd, the 52-foot Summit Logistics office trailer was delivered to the site by A1 Recovery. It is now on blocks at the Test Site and still needs to be leveled.  After the trailer was delivered, A1 relocated a 20-foot conex located next to the test site cabin, to the new office pad. The 40-foot and 20-foot conexes are now located next to each other and soon their interiors will be modified for gear storage.

Due to the large amount of recent rain, the river is running very high at the Test Site. While visiting the location, researchers surveyed the water level and it was determined that the river had risen over 1.5 meters since the previous week. Once the river level drops to a lower, slower level, the team will deploy the Research Debris Deflection Platform.  

Additionally this week, research engineer Jack Schmid met with Golden Valley Electric Association to discuss the installation of electricity to the location. Six power poles will be installed to connect the test site to the grid.

Photo: Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site taking delivery of its new office trailer unit.  Photo courtesy J. Schmid, ACEP/UAF.