ACEP Intern Spotlight: Cory Luker

ACEP Intern Spotlight: Cory Luker

There are a number of interns working for ACEP this summer.  To highlight them and their work ACEP will be presenting a short synopsis weekly on each throughout the summer in a series titled the “ACEP Intern Spotlight.”

Cory Luker

Education: University of Washington

Field of Study: Civil Engineering

Focus of Study with ACEP: Biomass - Cory is working on a biomass energy best practices document as part of his summer internship with ACEP and the Tanana Chiefs Conference.   To complete it he will be conducting interviews in Alaskan communities within the Tanana Chiefs Conference region.  Recently he interviewed representatives from the community of Tanana who have recently installed multiple biomass boilers in city buildings, saving around $45,000 annually in avoided diesel fuel costs.  Additional communities to be surveyed by Cory include Tok, Minto, and Nenana.

Post-Graduation Aspirations: Cory feels like the energy industry is his calling and would prefer to work in alternative energy rather than traditional forms.  The idea of becoming a project manager at an alternative energy power plant is appealing to him.  If given the choice he would like to live in Seattle, Washington.

Caption: Cory Luker.  Photo courtesy of MFrey, ACEP/UAF.