ACEP at Work: VDOS Project Update

ACEP at Work: VDOS Project Update

Project Description: The Video Debris Observation System (VDOS) consists of the design, construction and testing of a remote video observation system for detecting river debris to protect hydrokinetic turbines.

Progress Update:


A din rail and cable tray were installed in the top electronics compartment of the onshore system to allow for the installation of electrical components.  Rack mounts were also installed in the top compartment for the NAS (network attached storage) device and UPS (uninterrupted power supply).  

Work this week has focused on the power supply for the video system with a focus on an auto start generator.  The auto start generator will be used to charge two, 6V (12V total in parallel) batteries automatically when their voltage drops below 11.8V.  This will be done with a PLC (programmable logic controller).  The PLC consists of a PLC base, CPU, AC input module, DC input module, and an analog output module.  In essence the controller will monitor the voltage of the battery bank and when it drops below 11.8 volts it will turn the generator on to charge the batteries.  Once the charging current drops below 5A, the batteries are charged and the PLC will turn off the generator.  The system has been spec'd for these applications and once all the components arrive in the lab, they will be installed and tested.

Project Lead: Marc Mueller-Stoffels,
Project Engineer: Nicholas Konefal
Project Funding: Alaska Energy Authority

Photo: VDOS onshore power and communications components are being installed into the top tray of its enclosure.  Photo courtesy MFrey, ACEP/UAF.