ACEP at Work: BlackBox Project Logbook – Project Update

ACEP at Work: BlackBox Project Logbook – Project Update

Project Description:

The BlackBox Project consists of the design, construction and testing of a remote data acquisition system. The goal of the project is to develop a completely self-contained system that can be left in the field unmonitored for extended periods of time.

Progress Update:

Tests using the Linux kernel patched to RTAI (Real Time Application Interface) show that project engineers can originate a periodic task within 20 micro seconds of the designated time. This deviation is probably due to the use of a GPCPU (General Purpose Central Processing Unit).  This type of CPU is, in principle, unsuitable for hard real time applications.  However this delay should still be acceptable and well below the project’s target sampling frequency.

Photo of the BlackBox system components sitting at the project’s new work station.  Photo courtesy MFrey, ACEP/UAF.