Pilgrim Hot Springs Research Videos

Pilgrim Hot Springs Research Videos

Over the past several months a series of short videos have been in production highlighting the work that has taken place at Pilgrim Hot Springs by ACEP.  The organization responsible for this work is called Frontier Scientists.  Their aim is to showcase research being done in Alaska and the arctic by creating and distributing media material on various types of studies.

For ACEP’s part in Frontier Scientists’ work, many of our current and past researchers who have participated in the Pilgrim Hot Springs Geothermal Exploration project were interviewed on their roles in the study.  The findings and theories of the project were also discussed during the interviews.

These videos are now complete and have been published through YouTube.

To watch the videos visit https://www.youtube.com/user/FrontierScientists.

To read Frontier Scientist’s blog articles on the Pilgrim Project visit frontierscientists.com.

The funding for these videos and articles was provided by a grant to Frontier Scientists outside of the Pilgrim Hot Springs DOE and AEA awards.

Photo: Ronnie Daanen being interviewed by Frontier Scientists.  Image courtesy of Frontier Scientists.