ACEP Intern Spotlight: Ana Thayer

ACEP Intern Spotlight: Ana Thayer

There are a number of interns working for ACEP this summer.  To highlight them and their work ACEP will be presenting a short synopsis weekly on each throughout the summer in a series titled the “ACEP Intern Spotlight.”

Ana Thayer

Education: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Field of Study: Natural Resources & Applied Economics

Focus of Study with ACEP: Global Applications Program (GAP) – Ana’s work for ACEP this summer is focused on studying microgrids in Alaska.  As part of her efforts she will be creating a directory of microgrid specialists which could be used in the near future to help aid Alaska in becoming a knowledge exporter of this technology.  Other nations such as Iceland, with its geothermal technology and development techniques, have already accomplished this goal.  With this in mind, Ana hopes to help bring Alaska to the same economic position with her work.

Post-Graduation Aspirations: After graduation, Ana would like to pursue a career within the realm of developmental economics, perhaps by working for a non-government organization in India.

Photo: Ana Thayer.  Photo courtesy MCassino, ACEP/UAF.