ASRA Students to Tour ACEP Energy Technology Facility

ASRA Students to Tour ACEP Energy Technology Facility

Chris Pike along with Amanda Byrd will be working with students taking part in the Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) this week.  Lead by Chris and Amanda, the students will be taking part in various scientific activities that will also include a visit to ACEP’s Energy Technology Facility (ETF) and lessons focusing on wind energy.

The ASRA program focusses on stimulating young peoples’ minds by exposing them to real world science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that they can experience close up.  Mentors of the program are in many cases real world experts that attempt to educate the participants by challenging them with problems or questions that require the children to genuinely think and apply what they are learning. 

ACEP is proud to be working with a program like ASRA and we are looking forward to the visit.

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