ACEP Intern Spotlight: Nathan Green

ACEP Intern Spotlight: Nathan Green

There are a number of interns working for ACEP this summer.  To highlight them and their work ACEP will be presenting a short synopsis weekly on each throughout the summer in a series titled the “ACEP Intern Spotlight.”

Nathan Green

Education: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Field of Study: Electrical Engineering

Focus of Study with ACEP: Data Collection and Management - The goal of Nathan’s current project is to gather high quality/resolution data from various energy projects. Nathan manages the data as it comes in to him, puts it through quality control, and then stores it on a server.  Eventually users will be able to go to a website and choose from a list of what data they want to download based on location, date, type of measurement, and other variables due to Nathan’s work.  Currently he is writing a code that automatically checks whether data files have been converted properly.  If a file is correctly formatted, the code populates the list with the relevant identifying information.

Post-Graduation Aspirations: After graduation Nathan would like to work with utilities on integrating renewable forms of power into the electrical grids.

Photo: Nathan Green.  Photo courtesy of M. Cassino, ACEP/UAF.