Flywheel Testing Update: Installation

Flywheel Testing Update:  Installation

ACEP’s Energy Technology Facility saw the installation of the Williams flywheel for a test being conducted by Hatch Engineering. Hatch is utilizing ACEP’s facility to develop control systems and demonstrate the flywheel’s value for voltage and frequency control in wind-diesel microgrids that are common throughout Alaska. Max Mitchell of Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc. has been in Fairbanks since Monday installing the technology onto its foundation and integrating it into the ETF’s microgrid.

Once operational, the 200kW device will spin a 240 lb. carbon fiber flywheel at a rate of 36,000 RPM in a vacuum environment.  This instantaneous energy the device can provide is hoped to help stabilize the irregular energy frequencies that can be experienced in microgrids that utilize renewable energy sources like wind or solar.

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Photo: Flywheel installed into ETF grid and attached to heavy duty foundation.  Photo courtesy of MFrey, ACEP/UAF.