ACEP at Work: Video Debris Observation System Logbook – Weekly Update

ACEP at Work: Video Debris Observation System Logbook – Weekly Update

Project Description:  The Video Debris Observation System (VDOS) consist of the design, construction and testing of a remote video observation system designed to detect river debris with the goal of protecting hydrokinetic turbines.

Progress Update:  Recent work has been troubleshooting the system so that all devices communicate and work together in the correct way. All devices are now working together on the same network and can be monitored via a web interface. Towards the end of the week after all the kinks were worked out the system the first camera was powered up. The camera functioned properly and live video was able to be viewed on a computer. For lab testing the cameras will be set up to take a picture every second and store the image on the NAS. The NAS device is designed to work with surveillance cameras so no hardware interface is needed in between the cameras and the storage device.

Work next week will be programming the camera and the NAS device to work together and programming the camera to the desired sampling settings. Once the first camera is fully functional, the second camera will be connected and eventually in lab testing will be performed.

Project Lead: Marc Mueller-Stoffels,
Project Engineer: Nicholas Konefal
Project Funding: Alaska Energy Authority


Photo caption:  Black Box and VDOS installation.

Photo courtesy of N.Konefal, ACEP/UAF.