ACEP at Work: BlackBox Project Logbook – Weekly Update

ACEP at Work: BlackBox Project Logbook – Weekly Update

Project Description:  The BlackBox Project consist of the design, construction and testing of a remote data acquisition system. The goal of the project is to develop a fully self-contained system that can be left in the field unmonitored for extended periods of time.

Progress Update:  After many days of troubleshooting, most components of the black box are working together and configured. Troubleshooting was completed on getting the network attached storage device to be accessible via the router on the same network as the web relay and I/O server. The other milestone reached this week was the configuration of the I/O server. The Linux operating system was installed on the server along with the Linux drivers that will be used with the I/O module to collect and process data. Additionally the server was setup to be the main control station of the system and can access the web relay, router, and NAS via the local area network.
The next step will be to configure the I/O server to store data on the NAS and programming of the I/O drivers for data collection. Once those steps are complete we will be ready for in lab testing of the system.

Project Lead: Marc Mueller-Stoffels,
Project Engineer: Nicholas Konefal
Project Funding: ShellWind/Shell Foundation, Alaska Energy Authority


Photo caption:  BlackBox and VDOS installation.

Photo courtesy of N.Konefal, ACEP/UAF.