ACEP at Work: VDOS Project Logbook – Weekly Update

ACEP at Work: VDOS Project Logbook – Weekly Update

Project Description: The Video Debris Observation System (VDOS) consists of the design, construction and testing of a remote video observation system designed to detect river debris with the goal of protecting hydrokinetic turbines.

Progress Update: Recent work on the VDOS project has been focused on the set up and configuration of two cameras and the construction of a test stand to house the cameras. The Campbell Scientific CC5MPX digital cameras are heavy duty, can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are sealed to protect against rain and snow…perfect for the varying Alaskan climate. The cameras were mounted on the test stand and wired into the rest of the system. Each camera is configured to take one photograph per second and the images will be stored on the network attached storage device (NAS). The last step to complete before testing is to have the images store properly onto the NAS device. This will be important since there will be a very large number of files, and storing them in an organized manner will make life much easier when it comes to reviewing the data.

Project Lead: Marc Mueller-Stoffels,
Project Engineer: Nicholas Konefal
Project Funding: Alaska Energy Authority


Photo Caption:  CC5MPX digital cameras mounted on test stand.

Photo courtesy of N. Konefal, ACEP/UAF.