Annalise Klein Joins Island Innovation Ambassador Cohort

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Photo by Jeff Fisher.
ACEP program architect Annalise Klein joins the 2023 Island Innovation Ambassador cohort.

April 12, 2023

ACEP program architect Annalise Klein was accepted as part of the 2023 Island Innovation ambassador cohort. This group of islanded microgrid community champions work together to help facilitate knowledge sharing worldwide.

Island Innovation is an organization that encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among sustainable development practitioners and stakeholders on island communities across the planet in order to help drive sustainable development. Their approach to innovation is based on four pillars: economic, political and governance, social and environmental issues.

As an ambassador Klein will learn and share across an international community of sustainability professionals and island stakeholders about the interests, needs, strategies, and results of sustainable development and communications.

ā€œIā€™m looking forward to collaborating with others who are building futures of resiliency, sustainability, and local knowledge sharing while considering the cultural and practical considerations that islanded communities share across the globe,ā€ said Klein.