ACEP welcomes Erika Boice to the team

November 1, 2023
By Yuri Bult-Ito

Erika Boice
Photo by Yuri Bult-Ito/ACEP
Erika Boice conducts research for ACEP’s Energy Transition Initiative.

Erika Boice joined ACEP in May as a research assistant. Her principal role is to assist Gwen Holdmann on ACEP’s Energy Transitions Initiative team. Holdmann is ACEP’s founding director and currently serves as the associate vice chancellor for research for innovation and industry partnerships for UAF. Boice conducts general research for the initiative and handles behind-the-scenes logistical support.

Boice holds a bachelor’s degree in economic development with a concentration in business from Messiah College (now called Messiah University) in Pennsylvania.

While in college, Boice worked as a project manager for the college’s economic empowerment team, a student organization that helped local interns and other partners develop templates for business plans and financial documents. While the team worked with a partner in Algeria, Boice managed the team in the U.S. by helping with assignments, making relevant connections, and assigning tasks to the students. She also worked, as part of the site visit team, with people in the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria where the team’s partner was located, helping with customizing business plans and guiding them in adapting financial documents for their specific needs.

Boice’s knowledge and experience benefit her current work where skills in making relevant and strong connections and helping others adapt various documents to match their individual needs are crucial.

“[Erika’s] positivity and enthusiasm that are characteristic of her personality, combined with her expertise in economics and community planning, are a real asset,” Holdmann said.

Boice’s main interest outside of work is currently mostly dog mushing. When she does have spare time, she enjoys landscape and nature photography and exploring the outdoors with her fiancé. She also loves to see pictures of any animal companions. If anyone wants to “show off” pictures, Boice will happily look at them ALL.