Jesse Kaczmarski 

Data Science Researcher

Email: jikaczmarski@alaska.eduPhone:


  • Contingent Valuation
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Econometrics
  • Energy Economics
  • Microgrids, Modeling
  • Survey Design
  • Technical Assistance


Jesse Kaczmarski is a data science researcher with ACEP’s data and cyber infrastructure management team, specializing in energy economics and econometrics. In this role, Kaczmarski collaborates with research faculty by merging his background in energy economics with his love for data science and analytics. He brings expertise in programming with Python and R to develop open-source tools for data collection, analysis and governance tailored to social, behavioral and economic research. Kaczmarski is passionate about transparent, reproducible and accessible science, which greatly influences his work. In addition, he serves as a subject matter expert on topics related to energy economics such as residential energy use, survey-based experiments, contingent valuation and inference of time-series data.

Before joining ACEP, Kaczmarski obtained his Ph.D. in economics from the University of New Mexico, where he double majored in econometrics and environment & resource economics. During his doctoral program, Kaczmarski researched the effects of capacity additions on economic dispatch at the wholesale market level and published journal articles on the demand for community-owned microgrids and demand response programs.