Toolik Field Station is staffed year-around with 2 alternating Assistant Managers, who are complemented in the busy summer months by seasonal Field Operations Assistants (FOA), and 6 to 7 kitchen staff.

The Assistant Managers ensure smooth operations of camp, work hand in hand with the MEF, Safety and Logistics Departments to provide quality support to all residents. Housing and lab assignment, orientation, admin support, freight/mail tracking and management, storage, vehicle support are amongst the many duties assumed by the Managers.  In the winter time, the Managers assume responsibilities usually done by FOAs; they will also cook for users when there is no kitchen staff, and assist the MEF Department with facilities maintenance and upkeep such as snow management and removal. The Managers are also available to address and resolve issues and concerns. 

The Field Operations Assistants are responsible for camp cleaning and upkeep (trash handling, incinerator operation, facilities and vehicles cleaning, etc.), and will assist with a variety of other support to our residents: Freight handling and delivery, dry ice fabrication, vehicles refueling, Prudhoe Bay taxi  driving, inventory management, and much more.

The kitchen staff, lead by the Lead Cook, is comprised of a Sous-Chef, production cooks and a kitchen assistant, and provide 2 to 3 meals a day, every day of the week, during the busier season (April-September) to a population up to 150 people.

If you need anything, please visit us in the staff office located in the Dining Hall facility! 

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