Other Data Sources

National Weather Service

  • National Weather Service (TUUA2, Toolik Field Station Met Station)


Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • National Resource Conservation Service site at Imnavait (Data), updated daily.
    • Temperature, Precipitation, and Snow Depth.

NOAA - Climate Reference Network (USCRN)

  • Station AK Toolik Lake 5 ENE
    • Located at the Kuparuk. Data runs from 2017-present
    • Temperature, Precipitation, Wind Speed, Solar Radiation, Surface Temperature, Relative Humidity

Arctic Observatory Network (AON)

  • AON Data Archive:

Arctic LTER

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)

  • Toolik Lake NEON sites
    • Two aquatic sites (Toolik Lake [TOOK] and Oksrukuyik Creek [OKSR])
    • One Terrestrial site (TOOL)
      • Eddy Covariance Tower, Met Station, plant phenology, mosquito sampling, and lots more. 

Borehole Temperatures

Water and Environmental Research Center

Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Aurora Forecast

Wind Speed