Responses to reports


UAF's mission is to stop, remedy, investigate, and prevent sexual misconduct. Below you can find more information about what steps UAF takes in response to such reports. If you have any additional questions beyond what is addressed in these documents, please feel free to contact us at 907-474-7300.

When the university receives a report of gender-based or sexual misconduct, the Title IX coordinator is notified. When the complainant chooses, or the university believes it is necessary, the Title IX coordinator will initiate a prompt, fair and impartial investigation. Investigations are to determine:

  • If prohibited conduct has occurred.
  • If there is an ongoing risk of harm and if so, what steps should be taken to prevent that risk.
  • What resources or safety measures are needed for the complainant or for the greater university community.
  • Whether the behavior warrants review by the Student Conduct or Human Resource offices.
  • If systemwide or local changes to policies, practices or training should be considered and implemented.

No matter who you are or where or when it happened, if someone sexually assaults you, sexually harasses you or discriminates against you because of your gender, identity or expression, you have the right to get help and to continue your education or employment.